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Add autonomous trenching to your next project with a risk-free rental. The Exosystem™ can be rented for as little as three months or as long as you want it. Order optional accessories such as survey equipment or diesel UTVs — and yes, we can even include an excavator.
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Exosystem™ Rental $— /mo
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Software License $— /hr
Delivery from San Francisco $—
ft/hr Production Rate
$/mo Monthly Quote
Calculations assume a 50% utilization of the robot. The information provided is an estimate only and is not a guarantee of price, robot capability, or service availability. Pricing is subject to change.

Savings that Dig Deeper

When it comes to features, more is more. See what sets the Exosystem apart from manual operation.
Robotic Exosystem
Manual Operation
120–180 ft/hr
Varies with operator skill
Quality Guarantee
Consistent floors and spoil placement
Rework may be required
Labor Requirements
Setup and teardown (2 hrs)
Full shift (8–10+ hrs)
Operation Modes
Autonomous, manual, and remote control operation
Only manual operation
Stakeless Trench Lines
Automatic As-Builts
Depth Accuracy
Accurate within 0.10’
Grade checker or machine control required
Wireless Emergency Stops
Obstacle Detection
360° vision and advanced sensors
Limited to operator’s line of sight
Production Rate Tracking
Equipment Utilization
50%+ of working hours
40–50% of working hours
Utilization Metrics
Automatic and real-time
Utilization Dashboard
Virtual Map of Jobsite
Automatic Cloud Backups
Remote Restart
24/7 Remote Monitoring & Security
Complimentary Training and Installation


Rentals & Payments

Do you offer discounts for longer-term rentals?

Yes. Discounts are available for rental terms of six months and longer.

How do you determine “Robot Utilization?”

“Robot Utilization” is determined by first taking 50% of the value selected for “Work Schedule.” This value is then expressed as a monthly total. “Work Schedule” should reflect the average hours for an operator working on your jobsite. Even though the calculator assumes 50% utilization of the robot, actual robot utilization may vary.

What is the “Software License?”

The “Software License” is an hourly charge based on robot utilization. The price is adjusted based on location and other factors to ensure you always save compared to traditional methods.

What is included in the “Monthly Quote?”

The “Monthly Quote” includes the Exosystem rental and software license. It does not include delivery, fuel and consumables, or additional labor, which may vary from project to project.

Is there a minimum rental term?

The minimum rental term is three months (ninety days).

Logistics & Planning

What are jobsite responsibilities for running the robot?

A Robotic Equipment Operator (REO) is the competent person responsible for the safe operation of the robot. The REO sets up the robot, monitors its progress, troubleshoots, and tears down the work area at the end of the day. The estimated time for these responsibilities is two hours each day. This can vary depending on the project conditions and partner needs.

The REO will undergo comprehensive training from Built to independently run the robot in real jobsite conditions. Learn more about the curriculum and qualifications on the REO training page.

Do I need to own or purchase an excavator to rent an Exosystem?

You do not need to purchase or provide your own excavator. Built can deliver an excavator upgraded with the Exosystem to your jobsite for an additional cost.


Where is the Exosystem available?

Exosystems are only available to rent in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Australia. As we scale, we plan to make the Exosystem available in more countries and regions. If the Exosystem is unavailable in your region, contact us to discuss possible availability.

How soon can I rent an Exosystem?

Exosystems are fully booked through the end of Q3 2022. However, we are continuing to respond to inquiries and rentals for future projects with fulfillments starting in Q4 2022.