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From gathering lines to long-distance transmission pipelines, leading contractors use Built’s Exosystem™ to dig thousands of miles of trench autonomously.

Quality You Can Count On

Reduce the risk of line failure and dig a trench that’s ready for use. By using GPS to deliver smooth trench floors, autonomous excavation can avoid rework and future warranty claims.
Quality counts

No Second Guessing

Excavation damage is the leading cause of pipe failure, unless you know where your pipes are. Robots generate precise as-builts and create the most reliable record of your trenches.
As built terrain
Laying pipe

Never Give Safety a Second Off

Supervise robots from a distance and keep workers out of harm’s way. Built’s robots use cutting-edge sensors that update multiple times every second to identify pedestrians, operate within the right-of-way, reduce blindspots, and decrease worker exposure to hazards like H2S gas.
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Skip the Scramble

Specialty equipment comes with specialty problems. By using excavators instead of trenchers, parts and replacement machines are available within hours so you can run a more resilient fleet.
Excavator arm
Active dump wind

Navigate with Ease

Unlike trenchers, excavators can maneuver around sharp corners. Follow your desired trench path and easily navigate onto the next trench segment without needing to accommodate your machine’s limits.
Trench with bend

Get the Most out of Every Minute

Non-productive time can eat up more than 30% of your budget and slows your project down. With automation, you can reduce idling and increase utilization to use your equipment at its full potential — no matter the time of day.
Utilization excavator
Tail exosystem autonomous trenching

Is the Exosystem™ Right for Your Jobsite?

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Underground pipes such as gathering or main lines

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Greenfield or mapped existing utilities

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Soil types up to C-60

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Maximum grade of 10%

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Trench widths ranging from 2–6 feet

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Excavators ranging from 12–50 tons

Drilling rig
We see autonomous earthmoving equipment as the key to building a new era of construction here in Australia. We see the development of innovative solutions like fully-autonomous excavation as a win for our crews, our company, and importantly, our clients.
Richard Butler
Business Unit Leader
Richard Butler

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