Wind Savings that Will Blow You Away

Keep up with demand for the fastest-growing energy source. Wind power generates more than 5% of the world’s electricity, and switching your trenching to autonomous digging with Built’s Exosystem™ is the best way to stay competitive on bids.
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Work Faster

Tidy operations mean faster work. Spoil piles are sized and spaced evenly to streamline the workflow of your backfill and compaction crews.

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Turbine blades
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Generate As-Builts on the Fly

Save your surveyor’s time. Robots can self-survey and automatically produce as-builts so you don’t have to survey trench locations after excavation has taken place.

As built terrain
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Work Safe Every Day

Keep workers out of harm’s way on your wind site. With an eight-layer safety system, Built’s robots can reduce your team’s exposure to slip-and-fall, struck-by, and caught in-between injuries and help create a safer jobsite for everyone.

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Wind turbine crane construction
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Stay Flexible

From autonomous excavation, backfill, and compaction to pipe laying and padding, excavators offer greater flexibility to achieve higher utilization throughout a project. Easily toggle between robotic trenching and other manual modes of operation with the flick of a switch.

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Decrease Schedule Risk

Trade in your trencher for multiple autonomous excavators to stay ahead of your crews. There is no need to stop if a machine goes down because the others continue digging to keep your schedule on track.

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Are Robots Right for Your Jobsite?

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Underground MV/AC Cable

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Greenfield or mapped in-ground utilities

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Soil types up to C-60

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Maximum grade of 10%

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Trench widths ranging from 2–6 feet

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Excavators ranging from 12–50 tons

Wind turbines field
I see Built Robotics as the next generation of construction technology. Our goal is to utilize this tool to create value for our customers and opportunities for growth at Mortenson.
Eric Sellman
Vice President, Civil Operating Group
Eric Sellman

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