This Robot Is the Future

Become a Robotic Equipment Operator

At the end of the day, a robot is just a tool in the hands of a skilled operator. These tools will come to define the job sites of the 21st century, and we are proud to partner with the leaders of our industry to provide training on our technology.

Educational Partners

Do You Have What It Takes?

The robots do the work, but you do the hard part. Managing autonomous equipment requires a deep knowledge of the craft of construction — and a knack for cutting-edge technology.



Grade Checkers

  • Minimum 2-5 years experience
  • OSHA-30 certified or equivalent
  • Strong safety record
  • Comfortable with construction drawings and plans
  • Knowledge of equipment and electronics maintenance
  • Computer skills (Excel, Trimble/Topcon, CAD, etc.)

Upgrade Your Career

Robotics will be the biggest thing in construction since hydraulics. Get an edge by becoming a Robotic Equipment Operator, and when the robots come, you’ll be their boss.

Learn Advanced Skills

Develop and perfect a range of advanced technical skills, which will serve you well throughout your career.

Boost Your Earnings

Employers demand efficiency, and the rewards go to whoever can use the latest technology to deliver.

Ensure Job Security

Only one thing is certain — change is inevitable. Learn the skills you need to adapt, and use them to thrive.

Learn the Bits and Bytes

Built Robotics will give you the training you need for a successful career as a Robotic Equipment Operator (REO). It all starts with safety, and how you can execute work effectively and responsibly. Then we cover the guidance system, both hardware and software. Finally, you’ll get hands-on experience running robots in actual job site conditions.

  • Learn and implement correct safety protocols
  • Install and troubleshoot guidance systems
  • Analyze business and efficiency metrics
  • Set up job sites and safety perimeters
  • Define tasks and run them autonomously
  • Work with GPS and construction plans
A view of the Built Robotics user inteface.
Your success is defined by the skills you have. Robots are a game-changer, and at the end of the day, you can’t afford to ignore this technology. In my ten years of operating, learning to become an REO is one of the single most important skills I’ve developed.
Joe Warner
Excavator Operator and REO

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