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We build robots to make construction safer, faster, and more productive. Our focus is the earthmoving industry — things like digging foundations, building roads, and grading lots.



San Francisco, California


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Global earthmoving market

Annual spend on grading and excavation services

My dad was a carpenter and contractor, so I grew up around construction. In high school I worked for him renovating old houses, then went to work at Google after college. When I first started Built, he told me I’d better learn to operate equipment before I tried to automate it, so I rented a Deere 135G excavator and dug a pond in my family’s back yard. Soon after, I met Andrew, my co-founder, and six months later we got our first prototype up and running.”
Noah Ready-Campbell
Founder & CEO


We’re always looking for great humans to join
the team.

Build robots that ship

Our autonomous vehicles are already in the field working for real customers

A trillion dollar market

Earthmoving is the literal foundation of every construction project

Have fun at your job

We stay busy, but when you’re building with friends it doesn’t feel like work

Robotics Engineer

Write code and design hardware to make our robots smarter and faster.


San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer

Develop the algorithms to guide our robots, and the UI to help our customers manage them.


San Francisco, CA

Robotics Technician

Manufacture and install our robotic upgrade kits.


San Francisco, CA

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I’ve never had a meeting quite like the one I had with Built Robotics... Built is taking the concepts and technology that others are using to build self-driving cars and adapting them for a whole different vertical: construction.”


We’re honored to work with a world-class group of investors and advisors.

Carl Bass

Former CEO of Autodesk

Built Robotics Board Member

Justin Kan

Founder and CEO of Atrium

David and Ryan Petersen

Founders of BuildZoom and Flexport

Maria Thomas

Former CEO of Etsy