Trenching Connecting Power to the Grid

For every gigawatt of PV solar capacity that comes online, contractors need an advanced, cost-effective tool to fast-track DC and AC excavation. Enable fully autonomous trenching on any excavator with an easy-to-install upgrade. Efficiently install more resilient buried infrastructure while reducing costs and rework.

Break New Ground

The most advanced technology ever put on an excavator. Period. Using best-in-class sensors, software, and safety, Built engineers have developed a robust trenching solution that is designed to take a beating on any jobsite — and keep running like clockwork.
Rear view exosystem trenching
Illustration encircled engine hours
Improve Equipment Utilization
Illustration encircled safety shield
Eliminate Safety Hazards
Illustration encircled protractor
Dig Smooth Trench Floors
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Hit Record Production Rates

The Flat-Out Best Way to Dig a Trench

Rugged hardware. Powerful computing. Made for the demands of solar. The world’s first and only aftermarket upgrade, the Exosystem™, installs on the tail of any modern excavator to enable fully autonomous trenching. Preserve manual operation with a versatile mounting system that can be detached when needed.
Restored Schedule Certainty Regain control of your schedule. Reduce site congestion and protect the critical path. Spoil piles are sized and spaced evenly, streamlining the workflow of your backfill and compaction crews.
1/10 of a Foot Accuracy Eliminate rework with accurate depths within 1/10 of a foot. State-of-the-art RTK GPS, IMUs, and proprietary kinematic software enable you to hit the most demanding tolerances.
Real-Time Updates Get reliable production data delivered to you instantaneously. Using robots gets project teams the visibility they need to manage schedules and resources with zero extra effort.
Automatic As-Builts Generate as-builts on the fly. Save your surveyors time. Robots can self-survey and automatically produce as-built files so you don’t have to survey trench locations after excavation has taken place.
Custom Trench Widths Bring your own bucket. Our proprietary software, Everest, supports custom buckets you can measure, upload, and store — even update measurements as teeth wear down.
10% Maximum Grade A field-proven force multiplier, the robot is equipped to operate in rugged, greenfield locations. It can handle various terrain in grades up to 10% with extreme accuracy.
Flexible Installation Install with commons tools and simple methods. Built’s Exosystem includes mounting hardware built-in to allow lifting with service trucks, forklifts, or other excavators.
Overtime Digging Unlock double or triple shift capacity on any jobsite. Fully autonomous trenching robots can take over and continue working when crews are finished to yield higher production rates.
15–50 Ton Machines This robot plays well with others. Our upgrade kit, the Exosystem, can be installed on most modern excavators from leading manufacturers in less than a day.

One Size Digs All

Mixed fleets are our specialty. The Exosystem is engineered to be compatible with mid-size excavators from all of the leading manufacturers. Built has designed a seamless installation that takes only a few hours and is fully reversible.

Features from the Ground Up

Autonomous Trenching
Manual Operation
130–180 feet per hour
Varies with operator skill
Quality Guarantee
Consistent digging and spoil size
Rework may be required
Task Requirements
Grade Checking
Stakeless Trench Lines
Accurate Depths
Accurate within 1/10 of a foot
Grade checker or control required
Data & Technology
Production Rate Tracking
Automatic As-Builts
Equipment Utilization
80%+ of working hours
40–50% of working hours
Real-Time Utilization & Machine Data
Automated in real-time
Utilization Dashboard
Virtual Map of Jobsite
Automatic Cloud Backups
Bystander Awareness
Eight-Layer Safety System
GPS-Designated Geofence
Wireless Emergency Stops
Remote Restart
24/7 Remote Monitoring & Security
Complimentary Training & Installation

More Power. More Profit.

Lead the charge in the solar revolution. As the demand for solar energy grows, conventional means and methods won’t be able to keep up. Move the needle on productivity, efficiency, and savings with autonomy.