Automate DC and AC Excavation

Break New Ground

The most advanced technology ever put on an excavator. Period. Using best-in-class sensors, software, and safety, Built engineers have developed a robust trenching solution that is designed to take a beating on any jobsite — and keep running like clockwork.

The Flat-Out Best Way to Dig a Trench

Rugged hardware. Powerful computing. Made for the demands of solar. The world’s first and only aftermarket upgrade, the Exosystem™, installs on the tail of any modern excavator to enable fully autonomous trenching. Preserve manual operation with a versatile mounting system that can be detached when needed.

180 feet per hour

Maximum production rates

0.1 foot

Digging accuracy


Maximum Grade

Hit Record Production Rates

For every gigawatt of PV solar capacity that comes online, contractors need an advanced, cost-effective tool to fast-track DC and AC excavation. Efficiently install more resilient buried infrastructure while reducing costs and rework.

Eliminate Safety Hazards

Take operators out of harm’s way. An 8-Layer Safety System employs a robust, multi-layer system to ensure all corners of the jobsite are safe to work in. 

Risk-Free Use

The Exosystem autonomous upgrade installs in less than a day and is fully reversible. The excavator maintains manual operation and any added components do not exceed height limitations for interstate transport.

Smooth Trench Floors

Synthesizing sensor data allows Built’s trenching robot to move in the most precise ways possible. The end result: smooth floors, clean walls, sharp edges, and even spoils to make laying infrastructure inside hassle-free.

Record-High Production Rates

Put the robots to work and mobilize your most valuable workforce to other critical tasks. Robotics keep jobsites running smoothly so you can streamline critical paths and deliver the results needed to win.

Improve Equipment Utilization

Minimize downtime to maximize uptime. Leveraging autonomy streamlines your critical path and keeps your most skilled operators working on the highest level tasks.  

One Size Digs All

Mixed fleets are our specialty. The Exosystem is engineered to be compatible with mid-size excavators from all of the leading manufacturers. Built has designed a seamless installation that takes only a few hours and is fully reversible.

Features to Dig Into

Trenching Specifications


Processing Power
64-Core Intel® Xeon®
Vision System
360° camera coverage
Machine Learning
1,000,000+ data points
Precision & Positioning
Sub-centimeter RTK GPS
Geofence, smart cameras, wireless emergency stop, and Guardian™ remote monitoring
Liquid-cooled computer. Shock and vibration resistance. Water and dust protection.


Bucket Width Compatibility
All widths

Comparison to Manual Operation

Autonomous Trenching
Manual Operation¹
130–180 feet per hour
Varies with operator skill
Quality Guarantee
Consistent digging and spoil size
Rework may be required
Task Requirements
Grade Checking
Stakeless Trench Lines
Accurate Depths
Accurate within 1/10 of a foot
Grade checker or control required
Data & Technology
Production Rate Tracking
Automatic As-Builts
Equipment Utilization
80%+ of working hours
40–50% of working hours
Real-Time Utilization & Machine Data
Automated in real-time
Utilization Dashboard
Virtual Map of Jobsite
Automatic Cloud Backups
Smart Cameras
Eight-Layer Safety System
GPS-Designated Geofence
Wireless Emergency Stops
Remote Restart
24/7 Remote Monitoring & Security
Complimentary Training & Installation