Autonomy Is Here

Bolts. Bytes. Brains.

The most advanced technology ever put on an excavator. Period. The Exosystem™ combines sensors, software, and safety to deliver the world’s first and only fully autonomous upgrade for excavators.

Exosystem Autonomous Upgrade

The Exosystem is installed on excavators to enable the machines to operate autonomously. It includes an all-weather enclosure, 360° smart cameras, GPS, and a powerful liquid-cooled computer.

Everest™ Peak Performance

Everest is your cloud-based command center that monitors, manages, and operates the Exosystem from anywhere in the world.

Pioneering Engineering

A tough act to follow. Built is setting the standard for autonomous construction. Be the leader on your jobsite with cutting-edge technology.

Built for Construction

Tough on the outside, even tougher on the inside. A ruggedized exterior encloses powerful technology to ensure safe, secure operation through rain or shine. 


Maximum Pile Capacity

765 lbs

Total Enclosure Weight

22,000 lbs

Maximum Payload

21 ft

Maximum Supported Pile Length

Engineered for Precision

Exceed the industry standard. Built combines the power of RTK GPS, IMUs, and laser rangefinders for the most precise, localized positioning and movement. 

Designed for Safety

No sight is left unseen. With an 8-Layer Safety System, robots proactively predict, plan, and react to potentially unsafe situations in an instant.