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Meet the Robots

We build robotic upgrade kits for construction equipment. We use off-the-shelf sensors and equipment, and write software to make the machines operate autonomously. We currently support dozers, excavators, and skid steers, with more equipment on the way.

Safe by Design

Our robots are equipped with a multilayer safety system to ensure 100% safe operation. Today, we have 6,000 hours of autonomous operation with a perfect safety record.

Sense & Avoid

Sensors detect people, animals and other vehicles


Robot movement is confined to a specified work zone

Wireless Emergency Stop

Safety observers can remotely stop operation at any time

Construction Productivity is Falling

In 2017, McKinsey Global Institute published a startling reportlabor productivity in construction has fallen 50% since 1970. While other industries have been transformed, construction has stagnated. The effect is that, adjusting for inflation, a building today costs twice as much as it did 40 years ago.

Why? The value created per dollar of labor is lower. Wages have kept pace with the rising cost of living, but we still use the same tools and methods, and still get the same amount done each day. We need a new way to build.

Growing Demand, Shrinking Supply

While productivity has been falling, demand for construction is higher than ever. Critical infrastructure needs to be maintained or rebuilt, and housing costs have skyrocketed as demand outstrips supply. But there aren’t enough qualified people to do the work.


Infrastructure funding gap

Unfunded required infrastructure spending through 2025

American Society of Civil Engineers

Shortfall in new housing units

New families are forming faster than houses are being built

Wall Street Journal

Contractors struggling to hire

Nationwide labor shortage is “significant and widespread”

Associated General Contractors
Featured Partner

Independent Construction

Founded in 1910, Independent is one of the largest and most successful grading contractors in California. They’re using our autonomous dozers to grade lots for new homes.

Built’s autonomous dozer is the real deal, and we’ve had it finish grade hundreds of pads so far. We see it being a force multiplier for our team, where our skilled operators take on the hardest tasks and the autonomous equipment does the more mundane work.”
Eric McCosker
Project Manager
Independent Construction Company

Work with Us

We’re actively deploying equipment on projects in Northern California and around the country. If you’re interested in using one of our robots on your earthmoving job, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you right away.


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Play with Work on massive autonomous robots. If that sounds fun, drop us a line!