Move the Earth

Transform any excavator into a trenching robot with an easy-to-install aftermarket upgrade.
Detailed profile of the built robotics exosystem

The Flat-Out Best Way to Dig a Trench

Accurate, safe, and fast trench excavation is critical to every project. But it’s not rocket science. Put your best operators on the most challenging tasks, and let the robot take care of the trenches.
A Trench Dug Autonomously by an Excavator Outfitted with a Built Robotics Exosystem

Building New Tools

One Size Digs All

Our upgrade kit installs in just a few hours. It’s compatible with late-model excavators from major brands, and you can swap between manual and robotic operation with the flick of a switch.
Exosystem heavy equipment lineup back

Power, On.

You can run a robot. With just a laptop, Built’s autonomous excavators can be set up, monitored, and deployed with the click of a button.
The Software Program, Everest, Running inside a Truck. On the Screen, an Autonomous Excavator Digs a Trench.

Easy to Save. Hard to Resist.

Ready for autonomy? We’re now accepting reservations for projects kicking off in 2023 and later.
Built robotics driving machine slope

Be a First

Robotic Equipment Operators (REO) are the first people to be trained and certified to run the robots that will define the jobsites of the future.
Built robotics robotic equipment operator

Robots that Build the World

Trenching is just the first step. We’re continuing to develop our technology to support more equipment and applications, including loading trucks, material transport, pile driving, grading, and compaction.
A Rendered Graphic of Various Autonomous Heavy Equipment Working Together on a Construction Jobsite