The Built brand stands for innovation, safety, and trust. On commercial construction projects across the world, people rely on our brand to deliver reliable results.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of the Built Robotics logo variations and trademarks provided for reference.

Built robotics logo stacked
Built robotics logo
Built robotics logo monogram
Built robotics logo horizontal

Built Robotics has a number of product and service marks. A non-exhaustive list is provided below for reference.

Built Robotics® Company name
Robots that Build the World℠ Service slogan
Exosystem™ Robotic hardware and software system installed on heavy equipment
Everest™ Computer software for robotic equipment operation
Field Kit™ Tools for the setup and maintenance of robots in deployment
Guardian™ Service for remote monitoring of robots

Trade Dress

Livery, hardware, and printed designs are copyrighted and trademarked as trade dress by Built Robotics. Examples are provided below.

Exosystem in situ outdoors
Built robotics exosystem peak
20181211 EROL 00008 2
Built robotics livery on 323
2023 03 03 BUILT 1033

Hardware Design

The Exosystem, Field Kit, and other aspects of our hardware design are copyrighted and trademarked material and may include patented features. Illustrative samples are provided for reference.

Bottom solar panels
20210505 BUILT 00092 768
2023 03 03 BUILT 0924

Software Design

User interface designs, mapping, and software components are protected as intellectual property of Built. Illustrative samples are provided for reference.

Trademark specimen software 07
Trademark specimen software 06
Trademark specimen software 05
Trademark specimen software 04
Trademark specimen software 02
Trademark specimen software 03
Trademark specimen software 01
Trademark specimen software 09