Made in America Innovation Is Independence

Solar is our ticket to energy independence. But even with federal incentives driving down costs, the United States ranks last in power generated from solar among competing nations. Strengthening our self-sufficiency is how we can restore American competitiveness and emerge as the leading force in the energy revolution.

Stepping up the Solar Surge

Slow and steady loses the race. Other countries are rapidly outpacing the United States in electricity generated from solar power. Every watt of solar not built is a missed opportunity for our nation to lead in manufacturing, technology, job creation, and infrastructure1.

Electricity Generated from Solar

Country Australia
Country Japan


Country Germany
Country United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Country China
Country United States
United States

The Bright Direction

The global race for solar leadership is far from over. By investing in the right jobs, manufacturing, and technology, the United States can lead the energy revolution.
$17 Billion Total private and public funding for solar in the United States2
30%+ Solar investment tax credit for projects made with domestically manufactured goods3
400,000+ Total new solar jobs to be created by 2030 for the American workforce4
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Powered by American Workers

Built is proud to be a member of organizations that are embracing innovation in construction. With their combined efforts, we can put the most advanced tools in the hands of American workers to rapidly accelerate solar deployment.


Our Impact

Illustration encircled flash
2 GW Capacity built
Illustration encircled pickaxe
22+ Completed projects
Illustration encircled clock
18,000+ Hours worked
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The Robotic Frontier

Developing frontier technologies requires us to push boundaries. Working with American manufacturers helps Built go further. Together, we’re forging a new path for autonomy.

Donald, Oregon
Manufacturer of metal. Built’s sled designs are manufactured by GK Machine, an Oregon-based supplier that specializes in excavator attachments and products.
Fully loaded sled

Westminster, Colorado
Precise positioning technology. Built’s robots utilize Trimble’s state-of-the-art GNSS systems to perform under the most demanding tolerances.
Reo installing trimble on utv

Lebanon, New Hampshire
Manufacturer of precision microsensors. IMUs from SignalQuest are attached to every robot to return critical positioning information.
Arm white background
Welding sparks

Seattle, Washington
Maker of rugged mounts. Built collaborates with RAM Mounts to develop practical solutions for Robotic Equipment Operators out in the field.
Ram mount everest computer

Victoria, Texas
Manufacturer of construction equipment. Built pairs world-class robotics with world-class heavy equipment for seamless operation.
Trenching robot dumping dirt

Hiawatha, Iowa
Ruggedized, industrial computing solutions. Built works with Crystal Group to develop the world’s most advanced computing systems for autonomous machinery.
Crystal rugged
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Innovation without action is just an idea. Since our founding, this country has achieved incredible feats together. Now, we’re facing new challenges, and the only way to overcome them is to work together to build the next great chapter of American innovation.
Jeff Immelt
Advisor to Built Robotics
Former CEO of GE
Jeff Immelt
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