Agriculture Savings that Will Grow on You

Tackle farming challenges with robotics. Agriculture feeds the world and requires new tools to meet modern needs. Built’s autonomous solution helps farmers tackle resource limits, land stewardship, and irrigation management for higher crop yields and land efficiency.

More Productive Farming

Offset farming needs with robotics. Robots help increase your working output with consistent, predictable work and free up valuable labor to focus on critical tasks.
Narrow bucket trenching detail
Farming work yield

Ready-to-Use As-Builts

Maximize robotic output of terrain information. Built’s robots self-survey and automatically create as-builts saving you time that would have been spent manually surveying.
As built terrain

Safety from the Ground-Up

Run a safer farming operation. Our eight-layer safety system sets the standard in autonomous heavy equipment safety. Each robot can reduce your workers’ exposure to slip-and-fall, struck-by, and caught in-between injuries to create a safer environment for everyone.
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Stay Flexible

From autonomous excavation, backfill, and compaction to pipe laying, irrigation, and pile driving, excavators offer greater flexibility to achieve higher utilization throughout a project. Easily toggle between autonomy and other manual modes of operation with the flick of a switch.
Trench digging dusk

Stay on Schedule

Trade in your machine for multiple autonomous excavators to maintain uptime and productivity. Excavators are easier to fix and maintain than specialized tools, which keeps you flexible when you need to keep working on tight schedules.
Quality counts
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Are Robots Right for Your Farm?

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Greenfield or mapped in-ground utilities

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Soil types up to C-60

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Maximum grade of 10%

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Excavators ranging from 12–50 tons

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Survey, pile distribution, pile driving, and inspection in one package

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Holds up to 200 piles per robot

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Sub-centimeter RTK GPS

Crop work aerial

Unlock Top-Line Growth with Robotics

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