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Around the world, leading construction firms use Built’s technology to accelerate critical projects in wind, solar, oil and gas, site preparation, and more.
I see Built Robotics as the next generation of construction technology. Our goal is to utilize this tool to create value for our customers and opportunities for growth at Mortenson.
Eric Sellman
Vice President, Civil Operating Group
Eric Sellman
Exosystem komatsu trench detail
Exosystem komatsu sunset dirt
Exosystem komatsu starry night
Exosystem caterpillar digging trench
We see autonomous earthmoving equipment as the key to building a new era of construction here in Australia. We see the development of innovative solutions like fully-autonomous excavation as a win for our crews, our company, and importantly, our clients.
Mpc kinetic
Richard Butler
Business Unit Leader
MPC Kinetic
Richard Butler
Exosystem cloud cover
DJI 0155
Image from i OS 2
Exosystem trench dirt
Deploying robots on our project sites makes our crews safer, makes us more efficient, and lets us track our equipment more effectively. Black & Veatch’s mission is to be the most rapidly evolving E&C company in the world, and Built Robotics is a part of that goal.
Black veatch
Tyler Parker
Business Optimization Manager, Global Renewable Energy
Black & Veatch
Tyler Parker
Long trench segment built robotics
Sense avoid
Exosystem detail sun flare
Aerial hitachi exosystem
We see it being a force multiplier for our team, where our skilled operators take on the hardest tasks and the autonomous equipment does the more mundane work.
Independent construction
Eric McCosker
Project Manager
Independent Construction
Eric McCosker
Aerial excavator trench autonomous digging
Exosystem at dusk
Crane isntallation upward
Active digging trench dust
We’ve seen unmatched interest in autonomy for construction applications, and it’s only becoming more important to embrace new tools in the industry. Robotics and autonomous systems help create safer, more productive job sites that will create growth and opportunity for the construction industry that we haven’t seen in decades.
Built Robotics
Gaurav Kikani
VP of Strategy, Operations, and Finance
Built Robotics
Gaurav Kikani

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