Solar Piling The Heart of Utility-Scale Solar

As more gigawatts of solar capacity are added to the grid, contractors need innovative ways of driving pile that can handle the tight tolerances, uneven terrain, and varying pile dimensions required for today’s solar arrays. Automation is a field-proven solution that can restore schedule certainty on even the most challenging projects.

Less Pain. More Gain.

Piling is demanding, and traditional means and methods are being pushed to their limits. Built engineers have spent thousands of hours developing an advanced autonomous solution that can rise to meet the challenges of utility-scale solar.
Rpd 35 front
Illustration encircled engine hours
Maximize Equipment Uptime
Illustration encircled safety shield
Reduce Health & Safety Risks
Illustration encircled ruler
Consistently Hit Tight Tolerances
Illustration encircled piling
Lower Installation & Labor Costs

The Bold Standard

Don’t compromise with your tools. The RPD 35 is a fully autonomous robotic pile driver that combines four steps — surveying, pile distribution, pile driving, and as-builts — into a single robot. Take advantage of the superior production and efficiency gains that only a robot can deliver, and outshine the competition.
Up to 5× Faster The RPD 35 is a field-proven force multiplier that works up to five times faster than a traditional pile driver. Reduce cycle times and boost productivity with the most advanced pile driver on the market.
Centimeter Accuracy Achieve centimeter accuracy with state-of-the-art RTK GPS, IMUs, and sensors. Unlock consistent piling capabilities that minimize time spent on inspection and rework.
Refusal Detection Stay on track even when piles hit refusal. The RPD 35 will automatically flag piles that exceed the refusal threshold and continue on to the next pile in the sequence.
Take Out Shakeout Eliminate pile distribution with a unique basket design. The RPD 35 can carry up to 192 piles on each run. Conventional methods of shakeout don’t stand a chance.
Pile Compatibility Minimize site preparation and grading with an adaptable system that can support almost any foundation design. The RPD 35 can install piles up to 21 feet long and 400 pounds in weight, as well as both W6 and W8 cross sections.
Automatic As-Builts Consolidate as-built documentation into a single source of truth. The RPD 35 creates highly-accurate drawings automatically. Access, view, and export your files for seamless handoff.
No Pressure Work in muddy weather with industry-leading ground pressure of 11 psi. The RPD 35 offers track clearance of 1.6 feet, ensuring you never miss work for a rainy day.
Robotic Consistency Reliably install within stringent tolerances without missing a beat. Using the RPD 35 reduces rework to boost your productivity and lower your costs.
Safe and Sound Install piles out of earshot. Operators can monitor the RPD 35 from a distance, which limits harmful noise exposure common in traditional piling methods.

On the Right Track

Minimize installation hours. Maximize gigawatt hours. Our flexible autonomous piling solution is compatible with tracker systems from all of the leading manufacturers. The RPD 35’s tracker-first capabilities ensure seamless installation from survey to grid connection.

Pile on the Features

RPD 35
Manual Operation¹
Cycle Time
1–3 minutes
2–5 minutes
Quality Guarantee
Consistent pile driving
Rework may be required
Task Requirements
Pile Distribution
Pile Driving
Pile Lengths
Up to 21 feet
Up to 20 feet
Pile Capacity
192 piles
1 pile
Data & Technology
Average Cycle Time Tracking
Takeover Capabilities
Remote control included without additional software or configuration
Remote control requires specialized equipment and configuration
Remote Control Operating Range
Limitless with 4G and 5G cellular
100–300 feet
Real-Time Telematics
Pile Driving Capabilities
Autonomous and remote control
Manual and remote control
Automatic As-Builts
Virtual Map of Jobsite
Automatic Cloud Backups
Bystander Awareness
Eight-Layer Safety System
24/7 Remote Monitoring
GPS-Designated Geofence Work Area
Wireless Emergency Stops

More Power. More Profit.

Lead the charge in the solar revolution. As the demand for solar energy grows, conventional means and methods won’t be able to keep up. Move the needle on productivity, efficiency, and savings with autonomy.
  1. Table comparisons are based on the blended capabilities of various pile driver systems with optional enhancements.