Solar Rise and Shine to Savings

With record amounts of utility-scale solar capacity coming online, Built’s construction robots are the only fully autonomous solutions available today. Reduce expenditures, eliminate rework, and unlock productivity gains with robotics.

Deliver a Premium Product at a Lower Cost

Autonomy can help slash costs by 30%. Gain more competitive positioning on your next bid from the reduced O&M expenditures with robotics.
Tail exosystem digging trench autonomously

Eliminate Rework

Rework can sink your project. High precision robots mean trench and pile placement and profiles match the plans — every time.
Excavator active dump
Solar farm aerial

Get Real-Time Updates from the Jobsite

Get reliable production data delivered to you with high accuracy. Using robots gets project teams the visibility they need to manage schedules and resources with zero extra effort.
As built terrain

Be Safe. Every Time.

Use state-of-the-art technology to keep your people and assets safe. Built’s robots use GPS-based geofences and pedestrian detection to ensure safe operations — without need for additional spotting.
Observing exosytem working
Detail exosystem hitachi

Take Control of Your Schedule

Reduce site congestion and streamline the critical path. Robots are consistent and predictable, so you can be ready for your other crews.
Exosystem tail dusk

Robot Deployment Checklist

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Generating capacity of 20 MW or greater

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Greenfield or mapped in-ground utilities

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Installs 8 to 21-feet H beams

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Accuracy of less than an inch

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Underground DC or MV/AC cable

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Continuous trench runs at least 300 feet in length

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Soil types up to C-60

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Maximum grade of 10%

Solar panels
Deploying robots on our project sites makes our crews safer, makes us more efficient, and lets us track our equipment more effectively. Black & Veatch’s mission is to be the most rapidly evolving E&C company in the world, and Built Robotics is a part of that goal.
Black veatch
Tyler Parker
Business Optimization Manager, Global Renewable Energy
Black & Veatch
Tyler Parker

Increase Productivity with Robotics

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