RPD 35 Drive Home the Savings

Combine four steps — layout, pile distribution, pile driving, and as-builts — into a single robot. Realize savings and restore schedule certainty with the RPD 35 robotic pile driver.

Future Tools for the Future of Energy

The RPD 35 is the most advanced pile driver on your jobsite. Take advantage of the safety and efficiency gains that only a robot can deliver — and outshine the competition.

A Winning Combination

Traditional pile driving methods need a change. The RPD 35 surveys, distributes, drives, and records every pile for an all-in-one machine.
Rpd 35 hammer

Stay in Demand

The biggest solar buildout in US history is here. Automation is the only way to keep up with demand. Gain an edge and win bids by utilizing autonomous pile driving.
Solar farm sunset

Beat Your Best

The RPD 35 is where power meets precision. A custom-engineered hammer working at 500 blows per minute, up to 24 hours a day, puts pile in the ground faster than ever before. Traditional means and methods don’t stand a chance.
Rpd 35 autonomous machine
Rpd 35 angle

Precise Any Way You Measure It

The RPD 35 can hit installation tolerances from every major tracker manufacturer. RTK GPS and advanced sensor fusion ensure you get it right the first time — saving time and eliminating rework.
Rpd 35 pile grab

Safe from Every Angle

Safety drives the RPD 35. The Eight-Layer Safety System helps keep robots and people working safely together and reduces accidents from manual pile driving.
Rpd 35 stop robot


A unique sled carrying system supercharges pile distribution. The sleds on the RPD 35 can carry payloads of 22,000 pounds and up to 192 piles. The sleds unlock new productivity gains not possible with existing pile distribution methods.
Rpd 35 piles
Rpd 35 front
How It Works

The Most Advanced Way to Drive Pile

Collapse four labor-intensive steps into a single robot. The RPD 35’s advanced software and hardware work seamlessly.

  1. The RPD 35 is pre-positioned at a solar array block, and the corresponding pile plot plan is uploaded to the robot’s computer.
  2. The pile plan is automatically divided into sequences of piles, and each sequence is manually loaded into pile baskets.
  3. The pile baskets are forked onto the RPD’s sleds with a 12K telehandler, and the autonomous piling task is initiated.
  4. The robot installs all the piles in its payload, then returns to its starting position to be reloaded.
Rpd 35 welding
Technical Specifications

Forged Ahead

150,000 pounds of robotic power. We sweat the details so your job runs with certainty.


Processing Power

64-Core Intel® Xeon®

Vision System

360° camera coverage

Machine Learning

1,000,000+ data points


Dual Nvidia GPUs

Precision & Positioning

Sub-centimeter RTK GPS


Eight-Layer Safety System with geofence, pedestrian detection, wireless emergency stop, and Guardian™ remote monitoring


Liquid-cooled computer. Shock and vibration resistance. Water and dust protection.

Rpd 35 exosystem



7,000 pounds


500 blows per minute


4,000 foot-pounds


AR-500 steel

Average Drive Time

73 seconds

Rpd 35 hammer



1,700 pounds

Average Piles


Pile Lengths Supported

8–21 feet

Pile Cross Sections Supported

W6 and W8 H-beams

Rpd 35 basket



6,000 pounds

Total Payload

22,0000 pounds

Total Pile Capacity


Rpd 35 sled

Full Autonomy Package

Everything you need to run a robot. From hardware and training to 24/7 support, Built Robotics provides everything you need to run a fully autonomous construction operation.