Everest Autonomy at Your Fingertips

Everest™ is your cloud-based command center that monitors, manages, and operates the Exosystem™ from anywhere in the world.

Configure, Connect, Dig

Open the Everest laptop and get started. The Exosystem and Everest work together to operate the excavator with a few clicks.

Powerful & Simple

Designed to put the critical information front and center, Everest makes it safe and easy to control the Exosystem — all while running seamlessly on the cloud.
24 thermometer

Machine Vitals

The instrument panel pulls information directly from the machine to recreate the experience of sitting right inside the cab.

24 safety health

Robot Health

Everest monitors Exosystem vitals to make understanding the robot clear and simple.

24 video

Live Camera Feeds

Seven camera feeds provide full 360° coverage of what the robot sees.

24 hand remote

Remote Control

Switch into remote control to manually move the robot using a keyboard.

24 robot

Autonomous Control

Run the robot fully autonomously and keep an eye on key metrics including earth moved and time to completion.

24 cube

Live 3D Map

An immersive, fully interactive map allows a precise view into the current and projected robot behavior.

24 options

Mapping Tools

Easily toggle between different view modes including aerial and schematic.

A Render of Everest on a Laptop Showing a Robot Digging a Trench Autonomously

Swing into Action

You can run a robot. Run Everest on a ruggedized laptop with a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and customizations for robot tasks.

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Get in-depth training from Built

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Stay connected with built-in 4G

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Follow guided tutorials

Everest intuitive operation


Bring your own bucket. Everest supports custom buckets you can measure, upload, and store. And you can even update measurements as teeth wear down.

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Define tool type and length

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Follow a guided process for measuring buckets

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Store and reuse buckets across projects

Everest flexibility

Dig In

Turn the virtual into reality. Export CAD models to CSV or shoot GPS points directly with your data collector. Then upload your specifications and start working.

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Upload custom jobsite files

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Define the length, depth, and width of trenches

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Edit and preview work before you start

Everest layouts

Take a Seat

Be there from anywhere. Live video, instant notifications, and real-time machine data give you eyes on the site — even if you’re a world away.

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View live video feeds

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Read instant notifications

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Get real-time machine data

Everest machine health

Common Cents

Everest tracks detailed production and utilization metrics to help optimize your construction process, maximize profit, and grow your business.

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Track production rates

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Monitor cycle times

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Receive daily email summaries

Everest machine productivity

Safety First

And second. And third. The robot proactively identifies and reacts to obstacles, and Everest displays real-time warnings and notifications. The upshot is you have complete situational awareness at all times.

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Work safer with sub-second obstacle detection

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Define custom geofence

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Benefit from automatic crawl mode near obstacles

Everest safety

Remote Control

Securely command the robot from anywhere. The robot knows what to do, but you can take over at any time. Everest enables remote control through an ISO-scheme keyboard interface that allows you to dig, track, or swing.

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Use secure remote control

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Operate remotely with throttled speeds for safety

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Use an ISO-based control scheme

Everest remote


Keep your data private and your machines secure. Everest uses industry-standard encryption technology and user access controls to protect your data and your property.

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Rest easy with state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption

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Retrieve user access control and auditing

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Save with automatic cloud data backups

Everest security

Full Autonomy Package

Everything you need to run a robot. From hardware and training to 24/7 support, Built Robotics provides everything you need to run a fully autonomous construction operation.