All Reward, No Risk

Guardian™ is a remote, cloud-based monitoring solution from Built Robotics. Each robot automatically identifies obstacles and safety conditions and will immediately stop if an error occurs. Guardian provides another layer of redundancy, ensuring smooth, reliable operation in the field.


A Guardian Technician watches what your robot does in the field from a secure location. Activate Guardian monitoring with a quick call on the provided satellite phone once you are done setting up the robot.

24 video

Dual-redundant 360° video coverage

24 person

24/7/365 support

24 bell

Targeted notifications for minimal disruptions

24 globe

Remote restart

Guardian tech text chat

Belt & Suspenders

Built’s safety systems are engineered with redundant layers to ensure safe, reliable operation. Guardian is the backup plan for the backup plan, and provides a human touch to assess complicated scenarios and make executive decisions to efficiently complete the job.

Instant Expertise

Reach Built experts anytime. With remote support, access guided solutions virtually for faster fixes without the need to wait for onsite technicians.
Remote support

Always up to Speed

Be in two places at once. Guardian automatically sends updates throughout the day to ensure you and the robot are on the right track.
Slack notifications
Security cameras exosystem

Set Your Sights on Security

Record, audit, log. Redundant security cameras record 360° exterior coverage, as well as in-cab and on-tail footage. All data is backed up for thirty days.
Guardian obstacle detection person

Maximize Uptime

Walk away and let the robot keep working. Real-time notifications and continuous monitoring ensure that your robots maximize working time without interruptions.
Working excavator uptime
Exosystem digging trench with sunset

Full Autonomy Package

Everything you need to run a robot. From hardware and training to 24/7 support, Built Robotics provides everything you need to run a fully autonomous trenching operation.